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History of Shotoku Glass

Established as a manufacturer of light bulbs in 1922.

Shotoku Glass were originally renowned for their niche technique in handcrafted glass.

Then, Shotoku Glass shifted to manufacturing glassware, concentrating on the production of mouth-blown glass of several thousand kinds, mostly known for its delicate strength.

Succeeded in creating an ideal series of very thin glassware, and earning a high reputation in the hospitality industry.

The Thinner, The Better

 “Usuhari” meaning “Thin Glass” in Japanese.

With a characteristic of the thinness less than 1 mm. and a fine finish of the rim, the series enhances the taste experience, and enjoying drinks for any occasion.

Usuhari Daiginjo Sake Glass.jpg
Usuhari Daiginjo_Sake-Glass.png

Made for Daiginjo Sake

The glass was designed for Daiginjo type, the premium and aromatic sake brewed from the finest polished rice.

An inward tip at the bottom will help bring out the flavor and fruity aroma when you swirl.

Height: 90 mm.     Diameter: 54 mm.    Capacity: 250 ml.

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