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Kurt Josef Zalto, The Austrian glass designer who is the sixth generation to descend from the Venetians.

He has set high standards with his innovation, and his work is full of creativity, dedication and passion.

If the glass follows the basic principles of nature, all the senses are equally addresses ”- Kurt Josef Zalto


Countless experiment and prototypes followed, shapes were calculated, glass blown, ideas tested until satisfied the highest demands, a glass that unleashes the aromas of the wine.


Josephinen No 1 - White

Perfect for delicate, finely fruity and rather light white wines and rose

Height: 24 cm.           Diameter: 8.2 cm.           Capacity: 450 ml.


Josephinen No 2 – Universal

Every white wine, red wine and even beer can perfectly unfold

Height: 24 cm.           Diameter: 8.6 cm.           Capacity: 550 ml.


Josephine No 3 – Red

Unfold the full potential of full-bodied wines from Burgundy to Bordeaux

Height: 24 cm.           Diameter: 11 cm.           Capacity: 800 ml.


Josephine No 4 – Champagne

Generous surface, deep peak, and narrowing towards the rim

Height: 24 cm.           Diameter: 8.5 cm.           Capacity: 300 ml.

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